Esenin - The return of a genius

A Musical-Theater performance based on the  verses of the poet Sergei Yesenin.
A Genius. A Person Loving nature, peace and creativity.
A man who gave his love to the world while believing that people can live together without oppressing each other.
A person who was able to draw a fairy-tale picture of nature using just words and create such colorful images, that when they surface before you're eyes, it feels like a silk veil is covering your heart. Sergei Yesenin.

On the night of December 28, 1925, Yesenin's body was found at the "Angleterre" Hotel.
What happened to the poet that night? What was he thinking about? What did he regret? What did he remember?
This play is a confession, a memory.
Where the soul sings and inspiration plays.
Feelings, dreams and suffering intertwine and give rise to fantasies more vivid than life itself.


What were you like, the sun of Russian poetry?

Composer: Isaac Tenzer
Arrangement and piano: Mikhail Libman
Vocals: Frank Oz
Cello: Irina Raikhman
Director: Leon Moroz
Artistic design: Ksenia Moroz
Actor's works are performed by:
Anton Tsirin, Frank Oz, Irina Raikhman.

A Freelance theatrical project