My name is Leon Moroz.

Im a theater director, an actor and a photographer. 

Working with symbolic, visual and physical theater.

I begun my way in the "Sofi Moskovich" theater school. Worked as an actor in Israel and Russia. about 4-5 years after finishing my acting study i've developed an interest for directing. 

I love to explore and discover, to experiment, to be open minded and i believe that Theater is a laboratory for life.

I have finished my directing study in Russia (Raikin school) and directed several shows in Russia, Europe and Israel.


I deeply believe in human kindness. I believe that the violence and lack of tolerance we experience in the world results in our confusion and miscommunication.

I believe that by educating through art and developing our mindfulness skills, we will overcome all difficulties.


I believe in a breathing and living theater, that communicates with its audience.

This is why i do art!